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Pascal (47 years) has been employed by Aquadistri and Aquafarm for 14 years. I started at Aquadistri in Klundert and since 2010 I work at Aquafarm. Since then we already had 2 relocations, because our facility became too small to accommodate enough fish! When I started we had 800 aquariums, today we have 2400! Every 5 years a new challenge. My daily work actually means that the team functions as efficiently as possible and that we are ready for new deliveries with beautiful fish! It’s my job to ensure that every bag of fish, shrimps or snails we pack is in the best and healthiest conditions. This way we can be sure that our customers are and remain satisfied!

The final inspection is also under my supervision and I assist with the purchasing department and my colleagues in the office if needed. Many different tasks that just make it fun to work at Aquafarm. With our great team I go to work every day whistling!