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About Colombo

Colombo was founded in 1984 by Vet Mario Blom. He was a pioneer in the development of medicines for ornamental fish. The products he developed quickly became a household name and 30 years later, aquarists and professional users rely on Colombo products. In 2001, Mario Blom sold Colombo and the company became part of the Aquatic Wholesale Group. Since then, many products have been developed, not only for freshwater aquariums but also for ponds and marine aquariums. Colombo is experiencing healthy growth, with an enthusiastic team we work hard every day to keep up with growing sales and higher demands of the market.

At Colombo we are always on the move. Our turnover is growing and our products are finding their way to foreign markets more and more.

Do you like a dynamic environment and do you like to join in a growing company? Then you will be happy as a fish in the water with us.