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About Aquadistri

Aquatic Wholesale Group B.V. started in 1986 as a one-man operation and has grown into a holding company for a group of companies. Our companies produce and distribute a total package of pond and aquarium products which we supply to around 3000 specialist retailers in Europe.

At the Aquatic Wholesale Group there is a healthy growth. Every day we work hard with a small, friendly and enthusiastic team, on new developments and on strengthening the market position of our various brands. Will you take our team to the next level?

We believe you should do a job that you enjoy doing. That’s why we offer many opportunities to bring your ideas to life and execute them. Together we can make it happen, together with your colleagues, together with our customers. Aquadistri has grown for over 35 years, that means the team has to grow along with it. With new colleagues and with new opportunities for those already on-board. We are always on the move and that can be demanding for our team but can also offer great opportunities for those who pick up the challenge!