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About Aquadistri

Aquadistri started as a one-man operation and evolved into a company with its headquarters in Klundert the Netherlands and offices in Germany, France and the United-Kingdom. The turn-over grows every year, and our team grows along with it. We supply weekly everything you could need for aquariums and ponds to over 1,500 retailers in Europe. Consumers shop in stores for sound and professional advice. We believe in people and personal contact, hence why we show our support to bricks and mortar stores. All our efforts are focussed on making the cooperation with our customers successful. Aquadistri has a unique proposition. Our product range has dry-goods for aquariums and ponds as well as livestock. Our products are being supplied to retailers all over Europe. Aquariums, accessories, pond products, ornamental fish and aquarium plants delivered in just one delivery, week after week after week.

We believe you should do a job that you enjoy doing. That’s why we offer many opportunities to bring your ideas to life and execute them. Together we can make it happen, together with your colleagues, together with our customers. Aquadistri has grown for over 30 years, that means the team has to grow along with it. With new colleagues and with new opportunities for those already on-board. We are always on the move and that can be demanding for our team but can also offer great opportunities for those who pick up the challenge!